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Please Excuse the Mess! - Smocks & Stains

Category: Homework

Date Assigned: 07/29/2016
Date Due: 06/16/2017

Please excuse the Mess! We are creating Masterpieces & Memories!Students will work with many different kinds of materials that can be messy.  Please watch your child's art schedule and dress him or her accordingly.  It may be best for students to wear dark colors (Navy polo and pants) or older clothing.  A smock is not necessary, but acceptable. The best type of smock is actually an old t-shirt from an older sibling or parent. They cover the school uniform and do not require any tying, as many of our students are still learning to tie their own shoes with knots and bows! In the event that your child comes home wearing an art class masterpiece, try dish soap to remove any stains! It has worked best for me! Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Happy Art Making! Mrs. Burge

Kindergarten focuses on fine motor skills, simple art elements and principles, routine use of supplies, and safety in the art room. Art units include skills such as scissors and glue, tracing and shapes, painting, color mixing, pattern and lines, and symmetry. Students will benefit from the mastery of these skills when in the art room and other classes as they progress through VVEC.

We also use childrens stories as inspiration for our works of art.
First Grade
In first grade, students are introduced the the greatest variety of art media. Since they have mastered many basic skills from kindergarten, first grade is able to explore materials such as oil pastels, watercolor, collage, mixed media, chalk pastels, and marker. Lessons include many interdisciplinary connections to math, social studies, and reading.

Many discussions in first grade are based on artists and other careers in art such as illustrators and architects.

Fun Art Links

over 3 years ago

Everhart Museum, Scranton
 The Everhart is our local museum with a variety of permanent collections featuring natural history, science, and fine art.  Please check the Everhart homepage about rotating exhibits, and sign-up for emails to receive coupons on admission and information about the latest events!
Paint like Jackson Pollock
 Jackson Pollock, an abstract artist,  used liquid paint to drip, drizzle, pour, and splash colors onto a canvas to create works of art, called "drip paintings."  This website allows you to make drip paintings using your computer.  Drag you mouse across the screen and click to change the paint colors!
Artist Sing-Alongs
 View some of the paintings and artists that we study in the art room and sing along! 

Second Grade
Second grade builds upon the skills and use of materials that were introduced the previous year. Many projects are detail-oriented, with many steps, and take a number of weeks to complete. Many new vocabulary words are introduced during lessons. These words are not only used in the art room, but may help students to better understand the meaning or root of words in other subjects.