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Second grade is a special place,
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over 2 years ago

Week of March 26-April 10:

Reading/Language Arts:       We will  work on Unit 4 Week 2.  Test will be on Tuesday, April 10. Test will include two reading stories that test comprehension and weekly skills.  A study guide was sent home to go over nightly. We will  take our Reading Benchmark on Monday, March 26. This is a three day assessment.  No test grade will be given on this.

Language/Grammar:  We  will work  on Unit 4 Week 2: Helping Verbs and Capitalization Rules.  Please watch the worksheets and help with the skills. 

Spelling:    We will  work on Unit 4 Week 2. Test will be on Tuesday, April 10.  All words must be written correctly and no capital letters. Please practice writing  these at home. Words are listed on the study guide.

Math:  We are working on  Unit 6: Number Operations and Number Stories. In this unit students will begin to learn to add two digit and three digit numbers with  and without regrouping. Please watch the worksheets that are brought home and help with the skills. We are also working on memorizing the -7 subtraction facts. A timed test for these  will  be on Tuesday, April 2.  A study guide was sent home for this.    

Parents: Please check agenda book for nightly homework and test dates.

Students bring home a Thursday  Folder each week with notes and forms from the office. Please return this folder  and any forms back to school on FridayTest envelope comes home on Friday. Please sign all tests and return back to school. 

All workbooks, textbooks, and agenda book  need to be brought to school each day.  is the link for the sign in for our Reading and Math program. Your child has a log in and password on their agenda book to do the activities on each website.

EARLY DISMISSAL is March 29, April 5,  and April 6 at 12:15.

EASTER CELEBRATION will be on Thursday, March 29. Boys will bring treats this time.

HAPPY EASTER to all my students and their families!

MUSICAL is on April 4.

REPORT CARDS are on April 4.

PARENT CONFERENCES are on  April 5 and  April 6.

We will visit the BOOK FAIR on April 5.







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