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Fourth Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade Teacher


7 months ago


27 days ago

Spelling...Thursday, March 12, 2020 (Unit 4, Week 3)

Reading...Thursday, March 12, 2020 (Unit 4, Week 3)

Math...Unit 5 test is on THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH

Science...Unit 9 test is on THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH

 Grammar...Pronoun test will be FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH 

Social Studies/Science

3 months ago

By Karen Elkins

We will be learning about Earth and Space. A study guide and vocabulary words have been sent home for the students to study at home. The vocabulary test is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2020. 

Fourth Grade News

about 1 month ago

By Karen Carone

March 2-6, 2020

Just a few reminders for the upcoming week...1.) Monday, March 2, 2020 is DAY 4 (ART AND MUSIC-FLEX)...2.) Monday, March 2nd is Dr.Seuss Day. Green eggs and ham will be served for lunch. Also, if you purchased a Cat in the Hat t-shirt, your child may wear that to school...3.) If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting me...4.) As always, have an AWESOMETASTIC weekl!!


21 days ago

By Karen Carone

Homework for March 10, 2020

Math... Study times tables and complete Division worksheet

Spelling...Study List 4-3 and complete packet page 106



Reading...Read for 30 minutes

Social Studies...


Science...Review Unit 10 vocabulary for test on  Friday, March 20, 2020. Also, review Unit 10 study guide that was sent home on MONDAY, MARCH 9th.