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Olweus Bully Prevention Program

Official OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program


Olweus Definition of Bullying:“Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself” Our goal at Valley View Elementary Center is to start reducing the number of bullying incidents and to teach the students that bullying is not okay! Students have "Olweus Anti-Bullying Classroom Meetings" once per week, which occurs every Monday morning. 

What Exactly Is OLWEUS
This program not only addresses the person who bullies, but also addresses the victims needs as well as the bystanders, who also play a major role in bullying. So what roles do students actually plan in bullying situations? The answer is followed:Students who Bully – start the bullying and take an active part  Student who is Bullied – the one who is being bullied BUT ALSO… Followers – take an active part, but do not start the bullying. Supporters – support the bullying, but do not take an active part. Passive supporters – like the bullying, but do not display open support. Disengaged Onlookers– [as their name implies] Possible Defenders – dislike the bullying and think they ought to help, but don’t do it. Defenders – dislike the bullying. Help or try to help the bullied student.

In the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, students have 4 rules to live by here at school!! 

These rules are:
1. We will not bully others.
2. We will try to help students who are bullied.
3. We will try to include students who are left out.
4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

OLWEUS Anti-Bullying Rules

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