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Grief and Loss

Guidance and Support Services for Children Experiencing Grief: (Including information for teachers!)

Navigating Children's Grief: How to Help Following a Death
This website helps student and parents alike understand death at different points in a child's life, including concepts and beliefs, difficult emotions, possible behaviors, and how to help children at a certain age during this sad time.

A pet (dog, cat, hampster, fish, etc.) is commonly the first loss a child may experience. Developmentally, this may be a true traumatic event that may take time to heal. Talking about the pet or writing about good memories with the pet may help in this difficult time. Creating a memory book also serves at a type of closure for a child.

A young child misplacing a toy or losing it altogether is a type of loss that can be very hard for a child to come to terms with. It's hard not to dismiss a child being upset about losing a toy because it seems very minute of a problem to adults, but through a child's eyes, losing a toy is a true loss for some children

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