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Elementary Guidance Curriculum

Valley View Elementary School guidance lessons are on a rotating basis during student's scheduled STEM/Engineering time in the fall and Computer Science classes in the spring. Students will attend a class taught by me about once every 5-6 weeks on topics listed below!

Kindergarten Units:
Fall - Feelings      Spring - Introduction to Careers/Career Awareness

  • Kindergarten students will learn how to identify their own feelings as well as feelings in others. They will learn strategies of anger and frustration, as well as helping their peers and friends feel happy. 
  • The latter part of the year will focus on introducing students to careers around us - connecting their unique interests and talents to that of corresponding possible career choices for the future based on those interests and talents. 
First Grade Units:
Fall - Empathy   Spring - Career Exploration

  • First grade students will understand "Empathy" and the importance of helping others by "putting yourself in someone else's shoes". 
  • Career Exploration will help students navigate through careers in and around our neighborhood, as well as help students realize the importance of school to future careers.
Second Grade Units:
Fall - Teasing      Spring - Career Development

  • Second graders will learn the assertive way to deal with teasing and other bullying situations. The second half of the school year will help students expand their knowledge of the world of work, students will take a career interest inventory, and a more in-depth look at common careers will be taught. A free website is linked to the book we read about teasing. The website has more information about the book and other books written by this author!
  • Career Development classes will use the website program "Paws in Jobland" to discover interest inventories and what students may enjoy exploring as a possible future career. Entrepreneurship is introduced and students create their own job application and/or their first resume by the time they leave 2nd grade!

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