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Instructional Support Team (IST) Program

IST is an intervention process for students experiencing academic and/or behavioral difficulties in school. Parents are highly encouraged to be involved in the process to help benefit their child at home as well as at school!

Any teacher, school staff, and/or parent may request support from this program if the student's needs are not being met under existing circumstances and if pre-existing accommodations and interventions made by the teacher were unsuccessful.

As the school counselor, l serve as an active member of this team along with other professionals in the school, such as the principal, classroom teacher(s), and support service personnel (i.e. Title teachers) and parents/guardians. On this team, we assist with the development of intervention and student support plans.

If a student is referred to IST,

  1. A team meeting is conducted with and appropriate staff members.
  2. The team uses a problem solving method to develop specific interventions to try to help the student.
  3. The student's progress is monitored and a follow-up meeting may be held.
  4. A meeting will determine the success of the interventions; which results in a successful intervention strategy and the IST process is complete, and/or strategies are continued and monitored for additional time, and/or the strategies are being redesigned, and/or the student is referred to a multidisciplinary team for further evaluation.

**Valley View School District has many resources for students who are struggling in any area of education!
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