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Dress Code

Valley View School District
School Dress Code/Clothing Policy

The purpose of a dress code is not to inhibit any personâs taste in attire but rather to better facilitate the process of education through reasonable guidelines in dress. The Valley View School District has adopted the following dress code policy for grades K-12, which contains approved student clothing. This approved clothing is mandatory and may be worn in any combination of tops and bottoms.

General Information

  • All students must attend school each day in compliance with the school dress code.
  • Approved clothing may be purchased at the store or vendor of the parentâs choice, providing it conforms to this dress code policy.
  • The school dress code policy will be strictly enforced as per the discipline guidelines, which follow.The Valley View School Board and Superintendent may amend this policy at any time and must approve all changes to this Dress Code Clothing Policy.
  • Each student is expected to maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Any clothing that is judged to be unsafe, unhealthy or unsanitary is not permitted.

Approved School Clothing

All clothing must be approved, solid colors, without designs, patterns, checks, slogans, emblems, logos, except for optional Valley View School District monogramming or embroidery. Shirts should be long enough to be tucked in. All school clothing must be appropriately sized for the child, being no more than one regular size larger than the student actually measures. Extra full, extra wide, extra long, baggy or saggy pants or shorts are not accepted. Shoes must be worn at all times, with laces tied. Any shoe that poses a safety hazard is not permitted.


•Solid color tops in the following colors:
    •light blue
    •royal blue
•Golf style shirt, long or short sleeve
•Oxford style button down shirt
•Sweater/vest (with a school shirt underneath)
•Turtleneck/mock turtleneck (only under approved school shirt)


•Solid color bottoms in the following colors:
•Dress long pants; Pleated or plain front, plain or cuffed bottoms
•Dress shorts- Pleated or plain front, plain or cuffed bottoms, no more than 5 inches above the knee, between April 1 to October 31
•Skirt/Skort (girls)- No more than 3 inches above the knees
•Jumper (girls)- K-5 only
•Standard corduroy pants and capris are allowed.

Gym Attire (K-5 only)

    •royal blue
•Sweatshirt:  Cotton blend, no hoods, no pockets
•Sweatpants:  Cotton blend

Articles of Non-Compliance

•Any clothing or article deemed lewd, vulgar, indecent, plainly offensive, sexually suggestive, condoning violence, drug, alcohol, tobacco, suicide, vulgar language or if it is determined to have a well founded expectation to create disruption
•The display of any undergarments
•Shoes that have no backs (K-5), beach tongs, or "flip-flops"
•No body piercing (earrings are acceptable)
•Shorts that are more than five inches above the knees
•No cargo, baggy, skateboard, spandex, or stirrup pants
•No denim, denim-like material or jeans
•No spandex
•No sheer or see-through clothing
•No mini/micro skirts
•No bare midriff
•No hats, caps, headbands or bandanas
•No chains, dog collars or spiked bracelets or necklaces
•No tee shirts
•No off the shoulder garments
•No tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, or sleeveless shirts
•No unnatural hair coloring

Transfer Students

Transfer students will be allowed ten school days from the date of admission to be in compliance with the dress code policy.

Note: The above dress code may be amended at any time at the discretion of the Valley View School Board and administration.


The purpose of school is to promote and foster a solid learning environment. Students are expected to dress in a manner which encourages this purpose. Violation of this policy will result in parental notification and appropriate school action.

Discipline Guidelines

Non-compliance will be considered a violation of school policy. The consequences will be exclusion from school until the student is in compliance with the dress code policy. Absences due to this exclusionary process will be considered illegal or unexcused. After three days of illegal absences, both parents and student are subject to prosecution in the court system for violation of the school attendance laws. The "S.T.A.R.S." truancy program, developed through the Lackawanna County Court system, will be contacted regarding truancy. The initial step in this process involves parents and child appearing before the district magistrate. In addition, all other disciplinary sanctions imposed by district policy will apply.

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