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Welcome to the Gym!!!
Welcome to the Gym!!!
All students should wear gym shorts/sweatpants, gym t shirt, socks/sneakers on gym day. Please follow their teachers class calendar as to when they have gym class.


3 months ago

Gym Date Assigned: August 2019- June 2020

All students will do 5-8 minutes of stretching exercises before our main activity. We do a variety of stretches to increase range of motion and stamina. 

Gym Attire & Activities

Date Assigned: 08/27/19

Welcome to Valley View Elementary Gym!! I do a variety of activities with the children and need them dressed properly for exercise. Please dress your child in shorts/sweatpants, socks & sneakers and a T Shirt.

If your child is sick the day of gym you can simply write me a note stating you would prefer they sit out for gym.

Please encourage your child to perform some of the warm up stretches we do in class so they can maintain their flexibility through out the year!

Thank you!!!
Miss Valentini