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Please send a snack to school with your child each day.


about 1 year ago

-The 2018-2019 school year is my 6th year of teaching at Valley View. I earned a degree in Elementary Education from Penn State University and the Schreyer Honors College, as well as a degree in Primary Education from Jönköping University in Sweden.

-I have worked with my co-teacher, Jessica Geoffroy, for the past 5 years. Being in a co-taught classroom means that your child has two teachers in the classroom at all times. Mrs. Geoffroy and I are complete partners in your child's education. 

 -Our classroom revolves around the concept of small groups. Your child will have many opportunities each day to work with different classmates in different areas of the room, in order to differentiate their learning material so your child gets exactly the work they need, on their ability level. It also gives them the chance to get up out of their seats, moving around!

-Speaking of. . . your child even has a "personal space mat" (mini-yoga mat) of their own, to make their experiences sitting around the classroom even more comfortable and enjoyable for them.  

-We are also a shoeless classroom this year, meaning that students take off their shoes and either wear their socks or "indoor shoes."  Studies around the world have shown that shoeless classrooms can help with both behavior and academics!

-Our classroom is travel themed, and we have two stuffed animal friends who travel around the world throughout the school year. Tuva, a troll from Norway, and Bjorn, a bear from Sweden. They write the students letters from the country they visit to teach them about different cultures. 

 We can't wait to meet our new students for this year, and get 2018-2019 started! :)

By Carolyn Bryan

ELA- English Language Arts

about 1 year ago

By Carolyn Bryan

We use the Wonders Reading Series from K-5.  In the second grade, we have a 6 day rotation.  This means that your child's reading and spelling tests will not be on a specified day, but instead will fall 6 days from when they receive their new spelling list.  This gives us an extra day to teach materials and really go in-depth into the subject, in lieu of having a 5 day cycle with tests each Friday.  


over 2 years ago

Students are to read for 20 minutes each night for homework, as part of a schoolwide initiative. We occasionally send home written homework, as follows:
11/28: Math Homelink pg. 45
10/15: Math Homelink pg. 19
9/19: ELA WS, rhyming
9/12: Math WS, number grid Puzzles