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Welcome to my classroom
Welcome to my classroom
Welcome to Third Grade.. a fun place to be!!
Third Grade News
Hi everyone. I miss you so much!! I hope you are healthy and safe. Please check the school website every week for assignments. The link for third grade can be found on the homepage.
Please feel free to reach out to me via email at any time. My email is
I hope to see some pictures posted with the hashtag
I miss your smiles and laughter!!!


22 hours ago

While we are shutdown, please review multiplication facts 0-5 for mastery and even go into learning 6-12x facts.  Parents can easily make review worksheets and flash cards for your child.  Games can be played using dice and a deck of cards.  

Continue to review addition and subtraction with regrouping.  you can easily make worksheets and story problems. 


List 4.5 words were sent home on Friday. Please have your child review them.
Check the link listed on the home page for assignments. Continue to read 25 minutes or more each day.

Science/Social Studies
Social Studies: