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Second Grade News

about 1 year ago

Dear Parents,

        I would like to take the time to welcome you and your child to second grade. This will be a year that is full of fun and exciting learning experiences. I will be happy to help you and your child in any way possible to ensure we have a great school year! I would like to inform you of important information that you need to know about this school year.

1.    Snack- We will have snack around 10:10-10:25sh every day. Please send in one snack everyday for your child to eat during this time. Students can have a bottle of water in their cubbies that they can drink from throughout the day. ONLY water in the water bottles. Juices can be brought in for snack and lunch time only.


2.    Label clothing and other items- Please label all clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. with your child’s name or initials.


3.    Pencil box- I provided a pencil box, a box of 24 crayons, decorative pencils, and decorative erasers for each student. The school supplies: scissors, normal pencils, pencil top erasers, highlighters, and glue. Your child is also welcome to bring in additional pencils or other supplies if he/she wishes. J  Please do not send in a huge box of crayons. It will not fit in their boxes and it becomes a distraction. Also, NO MARKERS. They run through the paper and stain the desks.


4.    King/Queen of the CLASSROOM: Every Friday a new “King or Queen” will be selected. Your child will be given a LARGE question paper to complete and color at HOME and return to school on the Monday following. Your child can also put pictures on this paper when answering the questions. This paper will be displayed on the King/Queen bulletin board. Every child will have the opportunity to have a special week!


5.    Homework folder: Each child will be given a folder to take home all homework, notices, and work completed in school. Make sure your child brings THIS folder to class everyday with all completed homework assignments. The folder is laminated and should last the entire school year.  Homework will be labeled with an (H) circled on the top of the page. Please be sure to empty the KEEP HOME side of your child’s folder every night! Check the BRING BACK side for important items that need to be returned to school. This will help keep your child organized and eliminate confusion.


6.    Math: Just like in first grade, we use the Everyday Math Series. Your child will have math homework almost every night! (Except on half days and Friday’s) Please review and complete math homework with your child every night. Homework is to be completed together with an adult, NOT alone!! Your child will be sent home with a skill paper at the beginning of each new unit. This skill paper will provide parents an understanding of what your child will be learning in math during the unit. Also, the answers to the homework sheets are located on these papers.


7.    Newsletter: Every Friday a newsletter will be sent home with your child to keep you informed of tests and other important information that takes place in the classroom.  I also post almost everyday using the REMIND APP. Please download it. 😊  


8.    Spelling Notebooks: In school these words will be glued into their Spelling Notebook. Please practice these words every night with your child. Please keep this notebook in your child’s backpack. 15 spelling words each week.


9.    Test Folders:  Your child will bring a test folder home once a week. It will be filled with tests taken the previous week. Please sign the tests, put them back in the folder, and return back to school on Tuesday.


10.  Birthday Celebrations: Every child will have a day to celebrate their birthday. If you wish, you may send in a special treat for your child on that day. We will celebrate birthdays during snack time or at the end of the day. Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the school year.


11.   Behavior:  In an effort to help your child exhibit good behavior, each child will have their behavior clip. We will also follow our school wide PBIS behavior program. All students start on the Ready to learn.

The steps are: Ready to learn (green), Great Choices (purple), Cougar Pride Super Star (blue). They can also move their clip down to: Reminder (yellow), Think and Discuss (orange), Contact home (red), Principal (black). Students will earn Cougar Cash when they display positive behaviors in school. Students will be able to use the Cougar Cash they earned to buy prizes in our Cougar Store. Our school also has monthly Blow Outs that children can attend for positive behavior.


12.  Agenda: In 2nd grade students are given an agenda to write down their homework assignments, special events, specials, and tests. The agenda will be sent home daily and needs to return back to school the following day. Please initial the bottom of each day as it comes home indicating that an adult checked to see what’s for homework.. This will be checked every day.


13.  Leveled Reading Folder: We use the Wonders reading series in 2nd grade. A book on your childs level will come home everyday to read as part of their homework. Parents MUST sign the reading log paper showing their child read the book with an adult. In second grade, students must read for 20 minutes. (First Grade was only 15 minutes) A grade is displayed on the report cards for completing their reading homework.


14.  Seats: We will change student’s seats every month.

15.   Jobs: We will change student’s jobs every week on Monday morning.

16.   Lunch: 12:15-12:45

17.   Recess: 1:00-1:30

18.   IE: 9:25-10:10


19.  Special Classes:  8:40-9:25. We now use a 5-day cycle. The acronym used for Specials is CAMPS. Group A starts at letter A and Group B starts at letter S.


Group A:

Day 1: Art

Day 2: Music 

Day 3: Physical Ed. (Gym) 

Day 4: STEM

Day 5: Computer Science


Group B:

Day 1: STEM

Day 2: Computer Science

Day 3: Art  

Day 4: Music

Day 5: Physical Ed. (Gym)


·       Make sure your child is wearing gym clothes on gym days.

·       Please send in an old t-shirt or smock that can be left at school for your child to wear during art class.


20.  Dismissal: 3:20


Thank you very much for your cooperation! I know if we work together, we will have a wild fun school year! J


                                                     Mrs. Bohenek  


-Leveled Reader: Monday-Friday

-Study Spelling Words


about 1 year ago


A leveled reader will be sent home daily for your child to read. Please sign their reading log. Students must read for 20 minutes each night.

Wonders: Week 1, Unit 1.




about 1 year ago

Math:   Unit 1: Adding, coins, skip counting, number line practice, and number grid practice.

Please practice adding facts at home. Time for child for 2 minutes while they are completing the problems.

Please complete the math homework every night with your child.


about 1 year ago


Spelling words are located in their spelling notebooks, on the pencil paper, and within the extra reading packet. :) 

The spelling words have been glued into your child's spelling notebook! Please practice WRITING these words with your child every night!   

Peckville, Pennsylvania