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Our Schedule 2019 – 2020

Class Schedule 


8:30 - 8:40           Homeroom

8:40 - 9:25           Encore (Specials - see below)

9:25 - 10:10         I.E. (extra skills)

10:10 - 12:10       ELA 

12:15 - 12:45       Lunch

12:55 - 1:25         Recess

1:30 - 2:30           Math 

2:30- 2:45            Agendas

2:45 - 3:00           Handwriting

3:05                      Buses called 

3:20                      Final Dismissal 

*Specials Schedule  (CAMPS)

Day 1 - Computer Science

Day 2 - Art

Day 3 - Music

Day 4 - Phys Ed (Gym)

Day 5 - STEM (engineering)



about 1 year ago

Friends & Bullying

Valley View is pleased to initiate the Olweus Bullying Program within its school system. Our class family will discuss topics together regarding this important matter.  Information will be available during the PTA meetings and at the school as we work together to maintain our friendly pride.



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Class News   

Monday, March 30, 2020


     Hello Second Grade!  Greetings from my home!  I hope you are all doing fine during our time away from one another.  I’m doing well but miss each one of you.  On the school website there are a few things to review and in the past we had also spoken about families working together so I know you will shine right now!  Take care until we can get back to school.  I almost forgot to tell you that I put Humphrey the teddy bear from February in my window to join the teddy bear hunt!


Mrs. Mariani



about 1 year ago

      *This site is a general overview and will be updated for second grade, but the basic questions remain.

Chapter 1                  Sentences

Chapter 2                  Nouns                                       (Ask:     Who? or What? did the action)

Chapter 3                  Verbs                                         (Ask:    What did he/she/it do?)

Chapter 4                  Adjectives                                 (Ask:    What kind?  How many? with the noun)  

Chapter 5                  Capitals and Punctuation

Chapter 6                  Adverbs                                    (Ask:    How?  When?  with the verb) 

Chapter 7                  Prepostions



about 1 year ago

Math rules!  Math Common Core requires more of our students.  They are expected to know their basic facts, namely addition and subtraction.  Our new series Everyday Math 2015 is constructed to allow students to explore numbers more in depth, ultimately having a greater concept of numbers (The 2015 updated version will complete our work in nine versus the former 12 units and will provide math writing opportunities.)  There are several suggestions that I recommend.

  • Complete all homework ("Home Links").  This is very important because it reinforces important concepts that you may share with your child.
  • Review math every night.
  • Find a quiet place to complete or review math work.
  • Study the basic facts. 
  • Use flashcards to increase ability.  Students should  master the facts and not rely on fingers for counting.  Use the online stopwatch  if you like.
  • Utilize the links for practice.

    * Coins needed for our third lesson and will remain in class until the end of the year 

       are:  4 quarters, 10 dimes, 10 nickels, 20 pennies


ALTERNATIVE ALGORITHMS - Click on this link to see tutorials from our math series on the different ways to solve problem!

Click here for Everyday Math (Skills to be covered are listed by unit.)

Click here for basic math practice.

Click here for math websites.



about 1 year ago

Math WS each night Monday - Thursday.

Review math facts nightly.

Category: Math

Date Assigned: 09/05/2018

Date Due: 06/01/2019

Refer to our Class News section for weekly skills, tests, quizzes!

Date Assigned: 08/28/2018

Date Due: 06/01/2019

Read a book each night for 20 min.

Category: Reading

Date Assigned: 08/28/2018

Date Due: 06/01/2019


over 3 years ago

Helpful Resources

  • Click here for a Summer Reading list (for future third graders) which has five pages of books with the book jacket. Click on each jacket for more information!  Get lost in an awesome book!  I remember and love some of these:  Harriet the Spy, Judy Blume books, Island of the Blue Dolphins, James and the Giant Peach, Shiloh, Sarah, Plain and Tall series, The Secret Garden, Walk Two Moons (phenomenal- still with me),  also add The Strange Case of Origami Yoda , Darth Paper, and Fortune Wookie!
  •  Future Second Graders may click here for a suggested reading list that also has pages of books with their book jackets that may be clicked for more information.  Happy Reading!
  •  MATH SITES    a collection of helpful resources for your math student
  •   Flashcard Creator                                                                                                                                    
  •   Word Whomp is a Build a Word tool similar to our class work
  • Valley Community Library (our local library)  You can browse what they carry, reserve a book, or obtain a book from another location.  Make sure to have a library card!
  • Many parents have asked if there's something that their child can do during the summer.  I wanted to create a link to the original Summer Bridge Activities book that can be utilized daily.  Many great suggestions in this book! Don't forget to read!
  • Everyday Math is our new series and is updated for 2015.  This is the parents' link.

Just Jane's Graphics




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Listen to Reading
                     Click on a book to hear a story read by an actor. 
2.   Starfall
                     Choose a story to read. 
                    Click to hear the author read a book.  (Scroll down the site for more



about 1 year ago

We are so thrilled to begin our new series "Wonders".  We will have some adjustments to this series but what's not to love about the many great things we will learn about.  

Important things to note:

  •  Our reading week will be on a six day rotation this year and the weekly     assessments are far longer in length.  Please keep this in mind as we enjoy this reading series.  
  • Our first week or so will involve beginning of the year assessments so we will not begin any stories until after the assessments.
  • There is not a weekly story for the student to remember.  Instead, there will be spelling, vocabulary, and phonics sounds that will be learned by reading several selections and assessed at the end.  In addition, it will list the skills that are to be covered during the week.

    Several ways to increase your child's success in reading are:

   1.   Make sure your child reads at least 15 minutes each night.  The Valley Community

         Library has a wonderful amount of books for your child to select.  I'd LOVE to hear

         what great book you (my second graders) are reading at home.  (I read all the time so

         make sure you let me know.)  

   2.   Ask your child questions about what he/she is reading.

   3.   Review his/her sight words.  

Wonders link 

Dolch Sight Words 

Leveled Reading List

At a Glance Map indicates approximately where your child should be during second grade. 

Scholastic Book Wizard  - to find the level of a book you have, make sure to select Guided Reading A-Z before entering in the book title  

Comprehension Questions 

Reading Rockets (tips)

Scholastic Reading (tips) 


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