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Name: Mrs.Nancy Kotcho
Grade/Subject: Kindergarten
Phone: 489-7579

Welcome to Mrs. Kotcho's Kindergarten Class!


26 days ago

Classroom News:

In the event of a snow day or cancellation, your child will have that scheduled special the next time they come to school.

Information on how to access the many resources accompanying the math and reading series was sent home with your child's password card. These online resources can be accessed using computers, chrome books, or iPad.

Make sure you store your stove pipe hat in a safe place until next year. You will need it to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day in FIRST grade.

Please remember to return your Pennies for Patients coin box if you wish to participate.The 3 classes that raise the most money will receive a pasta, pizza, or hoagie party.

Group Bunny Pictures, Tuesday, March 10th, if interested, the cost is $5.00. Please make checks payable to Valley View National Honor Society. Students may wear appropriate spring attire. 

March book order is due on Friday, March 6th, if interested in purchasing.

Spring pictures are scheduled for Thursday,  March 12th. Children may wear appropriate spring attire. Children will be photographed and pictures will be sent home for you to review. You can decide, after looking at the pictures, if you would like to purchase them.

EARLY DISMISSAL (11:47) on Friday, March 13th, due to a teacher in-service. Lunches will be served as usual.

We will have a sight word test on Friday, March 13th.

You may wish to send your child to school with a coloring book, sticker book, activity book, etc. to use at indoor recess time (inclement weather). He/She can also  bring in a small toy in his/her backpack to use at recess time.

Please send an extra drink for after recess. The children are very thirsty when they come inside.

Please check and empty folders every night.

Thursday folder goes home on Thursdays. Please empty and return folder on Friday.

Thank you to all the parents that sent us school supplies!

Please remind your child whether he/she is buying breakfast and/or lunch.

Please label all hats, gloves, and winter accessories. We will continue to go outside for recess when possible. Please remember to dress your child for the weather.

Please pack a small toy and/or activity book for your child to use at recess. It should be labeled with his/her name and must fit in his/her backpack. Please pack one every day as we sometimes use the blacktop for recess.

Please check your child's folder for homework. Homework is to be completed and returned the next day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please practice cutting with your child at home. This will improve their fine motor skills.

Remember to wear your "Cougars are Buddies" orange t-shirt on Mondays!


Weather permitting, we will be going outside for recess. Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.


26 days ago

Please review the sight words: I, can, the, we, see, red, blue, yellow, a, like, so, to, and, go, do, in, are, with, my, said, you, one, two, not, is, he, with, are, he.

New sight words: little, she, was, big, want, up, down, funny, for, have, they, of, run, jump, three, away.

We will blend sounds to make words.

We will read simple sentences with the sight words taught.

Books will be sent home every day to read. This will be homework every night. Please complete the reading log and return with book and bag.

We are continuing reading leveled books, spelling words, and practicing sight words.


26 days ago

We will be reviewing numbers 0 to 10, especially printing them the correct way.

We will learn about shapes, patterns, and graphing.

We will be counting to 20.

We will be counting and comparing sets, exploring shapes, addition, and subtraction.

We will be sorting objects, using a number line, and practicing number formation.

We will create number stories.

We will compose and decompose numbers to practice addition and subtraction.

We will be exploring numbers that add up to 10.

We will review ten frames, and learn our teen numbers.

We will print, identify, and make sets with numbers 11-20.

We will work on teen numbers, comparing numbers, and counting on from a number other than one.

We will practice printing neatly to 20.

We will be learning to make combinations of 10, explore shapes, and practice addition.

We will review adding numbers without pictures.

We will practice subtracting using counters.

We will practice number stories with adding and subtracting.



26 days ago

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: STEM

Wednesday: Computers

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

PLEASE wear sneakers and gym clothes on gym days!